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Italy 2016: Four nights in Florence, three nights in Venice


Small group makes a big difference: A walk around Italy with Rick Bailey

You come home struck by the warmth and generosity of people. Maybe it’s standing in front of astonishing sights like the Duomo in Florence or sharing the mind-blowing food at Fagioli or walking together in the rain knowing your feet will be soaked when you get back to the hotel, and not really caring.  Or the hand held out to steady you when you step into a gondola. A bond is formed. You join hands and hearts for a few minutes, a few days.

Every view of the Duomo is my favorite view. Here we are standing at the edge of Piazza Sant’Annunziata.

Above this stand is Cellini’s Perseus.  How amazing that is.  So amazing it’s easy to miss the detail and beauty of the stand.

We were so lucky to have some rain on the first few days.  Shining streets, this one near Piazza della Signoria, contribute to the magic.

Sunday was antique market day in Lucca. Here is a gesticulator, deep into explanation.

My kingdom for a horse.

And so we wandered.

The group musters in Venice.

In the gondola.

I know a good coffee bar.  It’s right next to a bridge.

And for lunch…

Let me get that door for you…

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