Pasta with Young Poppy Leaves (le Rosole)

It’s not the same, but almost. And mind-blowing good. In Santarcangelo, where legend has it the Sangiovese grape gets its name, my wife and I have lunch and dinner at Trattoria del Passatore. We go there for many things, chief among them ravioli served with a rosole sauce. Rosole, also known as papavero in Italian,…More

The Ragu Hour–so many ragus, so little time

It’s time well spent. Ragu recipes abound. Here’s what works for me: An onion, a dab of ground meat, wine and peas, tomato puree. This recipe makes ragu that will sauce pasta for four people. In olive oil saute half an onion the size of a tennis ball. Bigger is better. Onion adds sweetness and…More