Dalla Maria, Best Overall

I’ll have the tagliatelle with beans, please. If you’ve made it to Pesaro, you are in the land of good eating. In the old town you will eat well at Zongo, Pasqualon, La Guercia, and Il Moletto. Venture out of town, to Il Sentiero, for example, or to Gennaro, and you will experience both extraordinary…More

Il Sentiero–if it’s agriturismo, it’s got to be good

Above, a local delight called cassone.  The flat bread they make in the Marche and Emilia-Romagna, called piada, is folded over mixed greens or tomato and mozzarella or onion and sausage or mixed grilled vegetables, then grilled and cut.  You can make a meal out of cassone. Often, however, they are served as a little…More

I Malardot–the drive, the ambiance, the food

The name, Malardot, is the dialect version of the Italian word “malridotto,” which means “in bad shape.” Get here and you will be in very good shape. Yes, the drive, the ambiance, the food–all well worth it. Start with the food. We’ve eaten at I Malardot 4-5 times now.  With confidence, you can begin with…More

Tourist food in Anacapri and Capri–four short reviews

It’s going to be much better than all right 1. Le Grotelle (Capri) It is now, and probably always will be, a mystery to me that close to a major tourist attraction in Italy one can eat so well. Granted, that is not always the case.  (A hellhole in Cinque Terre comes to mind.) But…More