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Cantina del Buonsignore–in gorgeous Brisighella


In Brisighella–breathtaking views, breaktaking food

A sign along the road outside Brisighella says: “A town on a hill between Florence and Ravenna.”  That makes it sound pretty lonely. There are a lot of hills between those two towns.

What a fabulous little town. The clock tower alone, with surrounding view, is worth the drive.

But, truth be told, Brisighella was a little lonely the day we came. It was a Monday. We found most of the restaurants closed. What do you do? Walk into a grocery store. Hey, where’s a good place to eat? The nice lady walked us to Cantina del Buonsignore, and we were lonely no more. 

It’s a most companionable place. We met a chatty, informative server who helped us to a bottle of the house wine, a hearty Sangiovese bottled by Le Rocche Maletestiane. We started with a lively carpaccio, then continued with two primi piatti–cappellacci di brasato nel loro sugo (truly one of the best dishes of pasta I’ve had) and tortellini di ricotta e spinaci con speck d’oca e crema di burrata. (Speck d’oca? Are you kidding?) Then came said brasato, excellent, and a couple desserts, uova al tegame con tartfuo nero and torta di robiola con zabaione.

 An altogether satisfying lunch, down a flight of stairs in what was once a cellar perhaps, or maybe a store. It was the kind of place, you ask yourself, How did we find ourselves here? Thank the lady in the grocery story.  Brisighella, I can’t wait to come back–to eat well again and to discover more excellent restaurants like Cantina del Buonsignore.

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