Two Restaurants in Romagna


“This is not hunger,” my wife says.

We are bent over two dishes of pasta that are, well, a religious experience. She ordered the ravioli burro e salvia; I have cappelletti with ragu. We’ve come for lunch, and we go away not satisfied so much as transported.

The osteria is off the Marecchiese. From Rimini it’s a twenty minute drive, and well worth it. In fact, this whole region is graced with eating establishments that testify to the diversity and riches of the Romagna kitchen.

Our preference is to go for lunch. On a warm day you can sit outside; on cool days there is seating next to the fireplace. House wine, excellent. Tagliatelle, to die for. Erbe di campagne with piada, everything you could want.

We are not great eaters of meat in Italy, but we’ve had the grigliata mista, and it was very good.

All around, Ro e Buni is going to make you very happy. With so many excellent places to compete with in a 10k radius, this place stands out: ambiance, food, value.Where better?

Via Molino Bianco, 809, 47826 Verucchio RN. 0541 678484


Here we are always happy. Here in Santarcangelo di Romagna, one of the most charming little towns known to man. Here at Il Passatore, where there is such respect for tradition and ingenuity in the kitchen.

Most recently we enjoyed the green tagliolini with formaggio di fosse and tagliatelle with prugnoli (local mushroom available only a few weeks of the year).

In the past we’ve had the mind-blowing ravioli with rosole sauce or with fresh peas or a very delicate stridoli sauce or even just plain old ragu. It’s hard to make a bad selection. For a second course, this time we had the stewed rabbit. It is no exaggeration to say the rabbit is a revelation. Swisschard on the side, always.

A year or so, we stopped for lunch on a Friday. That’s market day in Santarcangelo. We were about to order our usual ravioli when the proprietor said, Wait, today we have fish. Outside, fifty feet away, were fish vendors. Talk about fresh. Clams, sea snails, grillo, sole–the goodness of the Adriatic.

They just really know what they’re doing at this restaurant.

They know to ask my wife if she’d like to finish with the porcospino. The answer is yes. Yes.

Via C.Cavour, 1, 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna RN. 0541 625466

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