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Two Stops in Bologna–morning wine, then lunch


Technically this wine bar is on Via Marsala. But the other crossroad is Via Malcontenti, which tells me this is the place where I want to be. Typically we arrive in Bologna around mid morning and park in the structure at Piazza 8 Agosto. From there we walk down Via dell’Indipendenza toward the Neptune fountain. For Bologna’s riches, one needs to be fortified. Thus our stop for a quick coffee and wine at Enoteca Italiana.

This is a fun place because you’re likely to see locals leaning over tables and reading newspapers or just stopping in for a chat and a caffeine blast. When we were last here I asked for white wine. The bartender asked, Sparkling or still?  Still, I said. He asked, Fragrant or dry? Let’s make it dry. The wine and a little mortadella sandwich (what bread!) was just what I wanted and needed. In and out in ten minutes. We leave molto contenti.

Via Marsala, 2, 40126 Bologna. 051 235989


You’re eating on the streets of Bologna. Does it get any better than that?

Twice now, upon landing in Bologna, we’ve driven from the airport to the city and, on a sunny day, taken a seat at Bar Il Calice. This last time we had a nice bottle of local Sangiovese, a tagliere of meats and cheeses, and tagliatelle with ragu. Just excellent.

And all the while we eat, the Bolognese are on parade, a spasso, chatting, smoking, styling. What a delightful ambiance. And si mangia bene.

Via Clavature, 13, 40124 Bologna. 051 236523


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