Piadina e Stracchino–those soft spreadable cheeses

piada stracchino

If you are eating in Romagna, you’re eating piada.  Piada is the standard issue flat bread they bring to the table, usually hot off the griddle. Each eating establishment puts its own thumbprint on their piada (aka piadina, the affectionate diminutive)–ranging from flaky (frolla) to brittle.

The dining locals pile good things on top of their piada–prosciutto and salami, vegetables that are roasted alla grattinata (zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes laden with a fragrant breadcrumb, parsley, garlic pesto), or the local soft spreadable cheese.


What you see here is stracchino. It’s cool, it’s mild, it’s spreadable–it’s heaven. The alternative cheese is squacquarone (a delightful word to say and to write: sqah-quare-OWN-ay). Squacquarone is wetter and spreadier. Most people have a preference for one or the other, but in a pinch can swing both ways.

The piada and stracchino shown here were served to us at Le Calastre, an agritursimo between Rimini and San Marino. On the menu is every type of local goodness.



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