Cheesey–I’ll eat it anyway


Certain things, you think: I shouldn’t eat that. We had people over for dinner a couple nights ago. During the cheese phase of the evening, we unwrapped a chunk of Tuma, a very mild #pecorino.  Much later, during the good-night and clean-up phase of the evening, the Tuma was left on the counter, exposed to the air.

What happens if you leave cheese out for 3-4 days? Tuma yellows. Think butter. Yesterday morning at 5:00 a.m. the chunk was still there, next to the stove. Right.  What were we thinking? I picked it up, with all the best intentions. Dry to the touch, the surface felt waxy. I lifted it to my nose. Nice fragrance. I took a bite, then another, then another. I couldn’t stop myself. I ate the whole chunk. It tasted good, but it was the texture that was most interesting.

The term is over-used, but its mouthfeel was what got me. It was like eating a cheese crayon.


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