Just Sayin’-ok, okay, OK

OK! I just got off the phone with the ophthalmologist’s office. The complicated objective was to make not one but two appointments, on the same day. According to my iPhone’s recent calls record, the call lasted 10 minutes. In that time period, the person I talked to said “OK” 25 times. (That’s an estimate, a…More

Arrival–as in BABY

The woman in the next bed kept calling to her husband, “Fred! Oh, Fred!” And Fred said, “Okay, honey. Try to breathe now. Short breaths. Like this. Remember?” He pursed his lips and demonstrated.   “Ohmygod, Fred!” “Breathe, honey.” I looked at my wife, she looked at me.  She and Fred’s wife were in the on-deck…More

Tumbling Up–the cover

Rick Bailey has written three collections of essays. Married to an Italian immigrant, in 44 years of marriage he learned the language and food of Italy and led slow-travel excursions to Italy focused on local culture and heroic eating. He and his wife now divide their time between Michigan and the Republic of San Marino.…More