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wine caves

Yes, Rabbit

I’m an homage cook.  I replicate and modify. One dish I’m proud of is a modified arrabiata pasta. Very modified. Actually, it has little to do with arrabiata. The story:

One year my wife and I had a long lunch in Montepulciano, a town known for noble wine–Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. After touring the wine caves we asked 3-4 people where we could get a good lunch and found ourselves served a “bis”–two orders of pasta divided between two people. One pasta was light, satisfactory, and forgettable; the other was penne with sausage, tomato, and red pepper.  A bomb. I mean a really, really good bomb.

Around this time we frequented a restaurant back home that served a pasta with sausage and leeks. When we came home from Italy, I combined the two recipes. More than a bomb. Think atomic bomb.

Not creative cooking, really. More like genetically modified, recombinant DNA cooking. Which brings me to: that rabbit.