ANNOUNCING: On Wednesday, October 16, 10-11 a.m., I’ll be reading and signing books at Henry Ford College, in the Vogt Room. Major thanks to the Bloomfield Township Senior Center (Sept 27) for an eager and attentive audience

My wife and I are having breakfast one morning in northwest Detroit. It’s a bar-restaurant. On a couple big screen tv’s, highlights from last night’s baseball games play. Sawing on a piece of avocado toast, for which they have given me a steak knife, I look up and admire assorted junk and portraiture on the walls–a few famous locals (Madonna, Robin Williams) and a few famous not locals (Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein).

Above the photos and hanging bric-a-brac and do-dads loom the heads of great beasts–elk and caribou, a moose, a few deer and antelope that play no more..

“Do you think they vacuum those heads?” I say.  MORE…