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from American English, Italian Chocolate

“Small Beans” takes you to a trattoria in Italy and platter of tagliatelle with beans. Pure heaven.

I walked around Italy in clogs, and fell of them repeatedly. “Flipflops and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in that story.

from The Enjoy Agenda

“But Why Florida?” is a reflection on the water levels rising in the streets, lapping at our ankles.

“Anyone Who Had a Heart” asks the question, How can my wife dislike Burt Bacharach?

From Get Thee to a Bakery

The scent of dry leaves is in the air. Also, in the Costco parking lot, the fragrance of pumpkin pie. Thoughts on food and poetry and getting older in “Get Thee to a Bakery.”

“Chalant” explores the difficulties of getting a bi-lingual haircut in Italy.

from Tumbling Up

In “Getting Life” a Midwest corn country, a car crash, and near-death experience.

The inevitable life lesson: you find out what you’re no good at.
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