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Bells, Bikes, Beach–a week in Pesaro, Italy

Made for the NBA

I was not made for the NBA. I am short. I am not competitive. When I was a kid, in the backyard shooting baskets with Danny Leman and Ronnie Fritz,…More

Among the Sequoias

“Hey, go stand in front of that 3000-year-old tree.” This is not something you expect to say in your life. We’ve driven to the Fish Camp entrance to Yosemite, where…More

But It’s Butte

There are days you don’t really feel like it. But this is Butte. So we go. They should call this the Pile of Rocks trail, not the Blacktail trail. It’s…More

To See a Glacier

“Climb up on that rock,” Tizi will say, in the most offhand way. We’re on the trail, any trail, and the viewing is spectacular. She would like me to take…More

Just Run

I’ve got a whistle. I bought it just before we left on this trip, planning to use it, if necessary, to scare away bears. Actually, I bought two. They’re like…More

Road Words

Deep into North Dakota, Tizi asks: “Do you know the words to the national anthem?” We’re doing 80 mph on I-94, west of Bismarck. Today is a 700 mile day,…More

The Upward Gaze

After the convent, we were ready for a drink and a bite to eat.  We were a couple nights in Ferrara, checking out another great Emilia-Romagna city, famous for many…More

Why Lunch

It rained last night. I was awake around 4:00 a.m. I could hear thunder in the distance, its low-level rumble, like nature clearing its throat. Then it came closer and…More


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