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Hey, You Guys!

The Michigan–how do you take your plural–asparagus or asparaguses or asparaguys are on the shelves, and they are fantastic. These lovelies we had for lunch today have distinctive blue tips. The stalks are shaved, giving them a more delicate green. Suitable for framing. Unless you’re hungry.


Always make too much, always make too many.  Doing so, if you have a couple ounces of restraint, will mean you have a couple leftover asparagus to enjoy with a rice dish the next day.  Ahhh, leftovers. How did they become the poor cousins on/at the menu? Pictured here, brown rice, chopped tomato, and sliced asparagus. Served cool, with sea salt and fresh ground paper. No oil.


There Will Be Horses


This girl I was dating in high school decided we should go horseback riding. We’d talked on the phone a lot. We’d gone to see to a few movies. We’d made out at a couple of garage parties. Our relationship was moving along.

“Riding,” I said.

She had friends who were very horse positive. A bunch of them had gone riding a few times before. It was so fun. Continue reading