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from Get Thee to a Bakery

“A Suite, a Fish, a Swim” When it’s not that bad (but it really is). Excerpt

“Take the Money” Adventures in international banking. Excerpt.

“Anyone Who Had a Heart” Don’t want no busted Jesus.  Excerpt.



from The Enjoy Agenda at Home and Abroad

“Shorty.” Yes, shortism is a thing.  Excerpt.

“Mindful, Bodyful” Mindfulness, what is it good for? Excerpt.

“Tied” Jerry Garcia and a Gestalt moment.

“Cookies and What?” Modern milk and its discontents. Excerpt.

“Fang Xin” Grocery shopping in Shanghai. Excerpt.

“Chalant” Hair style, Italian style. Excerpt.

“ATM, Wontons, Lizard” When you have no words.  Excerpt.

“Bring Your Horn” Whither symmetry? Excerpt.

“Inner Music” But must you hum? Excerpt.



from American English, Italian Chocolate: Small Subjects of Great Importance

“Hello, Mr. President” On the subject of dreams.  Full text.

“Feet First” Stand up for feet! Full text.

“There Will Be Horses” The trouble with trotting. Excerpt.