The Enjoy Agenda Podcasts


These short podcasts enable you to sample content in The Enjoy Agenda, my new book that will be published by University of Nebraska Press, Spring 2019.

Chapter 1.  Inner Music. Human beings must be hard-wired to make and to enjoy music. We sing and dance, we whistle and hum, we learn to play musical instruments. If you grew up in the 60s, you wanted to play the guitar. 

Chapter 2.  Shorty.  In one of his newscasts, Kermit the Frog famously remarked, “It’s not easy being green.” Neither is it easy being short, especially if you are a couple standard deviations below the norm.  

Chapter 3. Bridge. Sports test your mettle—your physical strength, your mental grit, your will. You learn teamwork. Sports help build character. And maybe it’s fun. Unless it isn’t. In high school, I wrestled. It wasn’t. 

Chapter 4. Call It a Dance. For Plato an uneducated person was “danceless.” Graham Pont, a historical musicologist, explores the centrality of dance in classical education. He observes, “Through dance (which included posture, deportment, gesture, facial expression, and other bodily movement) the young Greek learned not only to be quick, strong, agile, dexterous, and graceful but (most importantly) to imitate and internalize the characteristic rhythms, movements, and attitude of the ideally noble Hellene.” That was then.  

Chapter 5. Tilt. At Cambridge University, researchers have messed with the Mona Lisa, using digital technology to give her head tilt. They conclude that with a certain degree of cant, her vexing smile becomes even more mysterious.

Chapter 6. Bring Your Horn. We’re supposed to match. If we have two of something, they are supposed to become part of our symmetry—eyes, ears, hands, feet, nostrils. We would like equal parts, but it’s rarely the case.