More Poached Cod, with Onion and Tomato

cod with onion and tomato

Enough with the cod! No, never enough. Especially when you get something like the above dish, poached cod with finely sliced onion and diced tomato. Add a little olive oil, a trace of diced parsley. Continue reading “More Poached Cod, with Onion and Tomato”

Poached Cod with What?


Who thinks of these things? In conversations I’ve had with Italians about talented chefs, they refer to “fantasia,” which¬† translates as something like “imagination.” This cod dish, served as an antipasto at Ristorante La Vela in Pesaro, is an excellent example. And as with most things on the table in Italy, particularly in my wife’s regions (Emilia-Romagna and le Marches), the guiding principle is simplicity. Continue reading “Poached Cod with What?”