How to Correct Your Coffee

“Did you drink my coffee?” Tizi asks. “Yes, by accident.” We’ve just finished a satisfying lunch. In Italy a post-prandial blast of espresso adds an exclamation mark to the experience. Lately she’s been taking her coffee “corrected.” With a dash of “mistra,” the local anise flavored grappa. Typically my wine intake at the table is…More

Hit Me with Your Best Shot–the tamp, the crema, the joy

“Don’t tamp it this time,” my son says.  “What?”   “With my Gaggia,” he says, “I’ve stopped tamping.  I get better crema. Try it.” The coffee, he means, in the filter basket.   It’s a Saturday morning.  I’m making him an espresso in my Delonghi Dedica Deluxe Pump Stainless Steel Espresso Machine. When you make espresso with…More