How do I love thee?

“They never have your favorite,” I say to my wife.

She’s lying on the sofa reading a book entitled Pagans: The End of Traditional Religion and the Rise of Christianity. Usually when she reads she pauses and gives me updates, sometimes lengthy ones. With this book, however, her glosses have been terse. Yesterday when I asked what was happening, she said simply, “Cicero.”

“Flavor,” I say now.

“Just a minute.”

I mean favorite gelato flavor. We’ve just come from a sprawling Italian market in Shelby Township called Vince and Joes, where we stood a full fifteen minutes in front of the gelato case and she looked and looked and, well, pined just a little. She said the sight of all that gelato made her homesick. She chose three flavors, three pints, café, pistachio, and nutella. They’re in the freezer right now, getting frozen. Continue reading “Gelatiamo”