Grubs for Lunch–from And Now This

My friend Luigi asks, “Do you think prehistoric people were happier than we are?” We’re standing in line at an airport food vendor called the Dogpatch Bakehouse. Our flight is on time, but my stress level is high. I took a few wrong turns driving from the hotel to the airport, then left my phone…More

Give Us This Day Our Daily Dirt

The doctor writes down what I might have: an occult bacterial infection. I’ve presented with vague symptoms–not fever, not chills, not headache; not blurred vision or runny nose or scratchy throat or ear ache or rash or suddenly flat feet.  Just a kind of malaise that, if I’m unlucky, might transition to one of the…More

Taste Your Feet–all well and natural in Italy

I’ve got wellness on my mind. “Canducci Tiziana.”  That’s how they call my wife when it’s her turn. Last name first. We’re at the Repubblica di San Marino Instituto di Sicurezza Sociale (aka the hospital), where she’s here to see an orthopedic doc.  A few weeks ago at the Bargello museum in Florence, while I…More