A Short Disquisition on Ketchup


The term probably comes to the English language from Chinese, the Amoy dialect, “koechiap,” meaning “brine of fish.”

If you haven’t done so already, check out the ketchup dispensers at McDonalds. Macs is blazing trails in ketchup technology. For those who dine in, next to the drink dispenser you’ll find ketchup taps, probably two of them, along with an array of those delightful paper ketchup shot glasses. Hold your shot glass under the spigot, pull up the black lever, and from the stainless steel tap comes a jet of pure ketchup. The shot glasses are small. If you lose your grip, don’t worry. In the countertop, directly beneath the tap, there is a catch five inches in diameter for dropped shots and other ketchup mishaps. Continue reading “A Short Disquisition on Ketchup”