Turkey cutlets–cooked in milk


A fast, easy, irresistible meat dish

Thanksgiving day in Italy. There will be no turkey in the roaster, no dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy, no pumpkin pie. Later tonight we’re meeting friends for Thanksgiving ravioli. We have to save ourselves for that.

But for lunch? In the spirit of the holiday (sort of), turkey cutlets cooked in milk.

It’s my wife’s old auntie’s recipe. The local grocery store here has cutlets (four cutlets for 3 euro—not bad!). A little salt and pepper, a little rosemary—it grows plentifully on the hillside next to our building.

In a nonstick frying pan, saute a bit of garlic in olive oil. Then lay the seasoned cutlets in the pan, a sprinkle of rosemary above and below the cutlets, and gently cook them 3-4 minutes each side. Add a quarter cup of milk and raise the heat. Cook the milk down in 5-10 minutes, then add more milk ( bit less), along with a splash of water. Raise the heat a little more and cook the milk down until you have a sticky, fragrant gooey ooze in the bottom of the pan.

Eat the cutlets. Drag bread through the ooze. Cooking time 20 minutes or so.


Any day can be a miniature Thanksgiving. As well it should be.



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