Zucchini Flower Risotto

This is zucchini flower risotto revisited. The one my wife made the other day was with brown rice, which meant a long cook and a risotto that didn’t have that velvety, gooey consistency that makes you consider executing a faceplant.

Yesterday she used arborio rice. Velvet, check. Goo, check. Faceplant, suffice to say I got low. But we had friends over for lunch. Also yesterday a little bit of saffron, which imparts a richer color. But taste, I just don’t know. What saffron tastes like. Further research is required.

Those zucchini chips you see, thin thin thin. And the blossom, faded orange in color, may be one of the most delicate, most appealing of ingredients. Though I would also argue essentially without much flavor. Pure sex appeal. Otherwise little substance.

Tizi also makes a fritter with these blossoms, beer batter. They are to die for, but again, you bite and ask, What’s a zucchini flower taste like? the batter’s the think. Probably a beer batter fritter with paper towel instead of blossom would be just as good.

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