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In the end it all came down to two points.

My freshman year of high school the wrestling team had no one to put in the 95-pound weight class. That meant at every meet the team would forfeit that match, giving the opposition five points for free, and an automatic advantage in the final score.

The coach at the time was a guy named Jack Curl. He was a big guy with short blond hair and an easy smile. In the fall he coached football. That’s where his heart was. He also taught gym, although “taught” somehow seems like the wrong word. “Moderated” or “presided over” or “benignly neglected” might be more accurate. I recall him walking around the gym holding a clipboard, blowing on a referee whistle he wore around his neck, yelling at kids. Winter semesters he coached wrestling, which as the phys ed guy he probably had to do. I don’t think he knew much about the sport. He referred to it as “wrastling.” Continue reading

Gratuitous Music


Why do we want to make music? What is is for? Who really cares?

I took a guitar with me to England in 1974. My wife never tires of reminding me. At an airport, whenever we see a guy lugging a bulky black guitar case down the concourse or cramming it into the overhead compartment (and taking up all the space), she points at me, shakes her head, and laughs.

“That was you,” she whispers. Continue reading