Arrival–as in BABY

The woman in the next bed kept calling to her husband, “Fred! Oh, Fred!” And Fred said, “Okay, honey. Try to breathe now. Short breaths. Like this. Remember?” He pursed his lips and demonstrated.   “Ohmygod, Fred!” “Breathe, honey.” I looked at my wife, she looked at me.  She and Fred’s wife were in the on-deck…More

Gone and Back–car crash, near death, near birth

On a weekday morning in October of 1971 I got creamed at the corner of Buck and Lawndale Roads. The car I was driving, a VW Bug, collided with a van as I drove through the intersection. On three out of four corners, all flat farmland, field corn had reached its maximum height. I would…More

The Summer of 1964–wheels, young love, tiny transgression

A few years after he went to New York and started his work in advertising, my son came home for a weekend visit with a skateboard under his arm. He said he rode it to work. Over the next day or two, he stepped outside the house a couple times and rolled around the neighborhood…More